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Re-Admission Taskforce

Our taskforce, consisting of an RN Case Manager, QA Coordinator, Director of Marketing and Education, Nursing Administrator, Clinical Manager, A.C.T. Program Manager, and a Therapist, meets monthly to evaluate outcomes and trends for all Gallagher patients. The purpose is to lead the charge in reducing unnecessary re-hospitalizations by:

  • Having nurses help patients schedule Primary Physician follow-up visit within first three to seven days of care
  • Providing education to staff on the prevention of re-hospitalizations
  • Developing protocols in conjunction with our local hospitals to decrease all re-hospitalizations
  • Maximizing the utilization of TeleHealth services
  • Providing excellent care that drives unsurpassed patient outcomes, ultimately decreasing re-hospitalization
  • Performing re-hospitalization audits on all re-admissions
  • Investigating analytics and trends related to rehospitalizations including Primary Diagnoses, Physicians, Clinicians, and Length of Stay
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