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Gallagher’s Summer Picnic 2016

Gallagher’s Summer Picnic 2016

This year, we held our annual company picnic on Sunday, July 24th, at Scott Township Park. The whole event lasted from 12PM to 6PM, with tasty food being served between 1PM and 3PM.


Like most events held by Gallagher, there were many prizes to be won and fun to be had! In fact, there were over 43 gift baskets up for grabs. Some of the prizes included wine, gift cards, spa visits, tanning, lottery tickets, food, home decor, and a Keurig.

gallagher annual picnicThis year, we used a raffle system to award out prizes. Each employee in attendance got a certain number of tickets depending on how many years they have been with us. Additionally, tickets were available to purchase if you wanted to increase your odds. Ticket prices were 1 for $1, 7 for $5, and 15 for $10. All of the money from these sales was donated to Toys for Tots.

Thanks to everyone’s generosity, we were able to collect $546 for this charity! IMG_1286smaller

There were also many fun activities for the whole family, including games and face painting!IMG_1272smaller

One game even involved feeding each other watermelon!



Overall, the picnic was an astounding success and everyone seemed to have a great time! Special thanks to Halyna Smereka, Kim Rosser-Boehm, Lisa Stiller, Michael Kuten, and Susan Reich for planning this awesome event.

To see many, many more photos of this event, check out the Gallagher Home Health Services Facebook page!