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Gallagher’s Summer Picnic 2016

Gallagher’s Summer Picnic 2016

This year, we held our annual company picnic on Sunday, July 24th, at Scott Township Park. The whole event lasted from 12PM to 6PM, with tasty food being served between 1PM and 3PM.


Like most events held by Gallagher, there were many prizes to be won and fun to be had! In fact, there were over 43 gift baskets up for grabs. Some of the prizes included wine, gift cards, spa visits, tanning, lottery tickets, food, home decor, and a Keurig.

gallagher annual picnicThis year, we used a raffle system to award out prizes. Each employee in attendance got a certain number of tickets depending on how many years they have been with us. Additionally, tickets were available to purchase if you wanted to increase your odds. Ticket prices were 1 for $1, 7 for $5, and 15 for $10. All of the money from these sales was donated to Toys for Tots.

Thanks to everyone’s generosity, we were able to collect $546 for this charity! IMG_1286smaller

There were also many fun activities for the whole family, including games and face painting!IMG_1272smaller

One game even involved feeding each other watermelon!



Overall, the picnic was an astounding success and everyone seemed to have a great time! Special thanks to Halyna Smereka, Kim Rosser-Boehm, Lisa Stiller, Michael Kuten, and Susan Reich for planning this awesome event.

To see many, many more photos of this event, check out the Gallagher Home Health Services Facebook page!



Gallagher Sponsors St. Patrick’s Day Oldies Dance and Dinner

Gallagher Sponsors St. Patrick’s Day Oldies Dance and Dinner

Gallagher Home Health Services was proud to sponsor this year’s St. Patrick’s Day Oldies Dance & Dinner at the Center at the Mall in Beaver County. The event was held on March 11th at the Center from 6 – 9:30pm. The party included dinner, dancing, and live music with a DJ.



Guests wore their favorite green attire and danced to the sounds of the 50s, 60s, and 70s.

IMG_84761The scrumptious dinner included ham, cabbage and potatoes, dinner roll, & lime sherbet dessert.

For more photos and a video of the dancing action, be sure to check out our Facebook page.


Update on Na’Kai

Update on Na’Kai

You might remember the story of Na’Kai Phillips we shared a while back. He’s a five-year-old boy who was on vacation with his mother in Puerto Rico when the unthinkable happened. Na’Kai had a stroke and had to have immediate brain surgery, leaving him stranded in Puerto Rico during his recovery. For a while, things looked grim as doctors didn’t know how Kai would recover or when he would be healthy enough to travel back home.

Na'Kai Phillips Welcome Home PartyKai and friends with birthday cakeLuckily, we have some great news to share. A few days after falling ill, Kai woke up out of his coma and was soon up and about. It took a few more weeks, but Kai was finally able to fly back home on July 30! While he is still in need of lots of doctor and therapy visits, he is recovering remarkably well. Gallagher wanted to celebrate his return home, so we held a welcome back party in his honor.

Kai was in good spirits, and quickly made friends with some of the children of our office staff. He was very excited to be the center of attention and enjoyed the pizza we ordered for him. Because Kai missed his birthday during his illness, we also had a birthday ice cream cake and sang him “Happy Birthday”.

After the food and dessert, it was time for presents! Kai received his very own bicycle, which he then took on a tour around the office.

It was great to see Kai happy and laughing after his terrible ordeal. Because of everyone’s contributions on the GoFundMe we set up, we were able to raise a total of $4,590 for Kai and his family. Thank you so much to everyone who donated – as you can see, it was a cause very much worthwhile!

For more photos of Kai’s party, check out our Facebook page.



Gallagher 10th Anniversary Celebration Recap

Gallagher 10th Anniversary Celebration Recap

Gallagher hosted a party last Saturday to celebrate 10 years of being in business. And what a party it was!

The night took place at Latitude 360 in Robinson. Gallagher had the entire second floor reserved, which included a dance floor, full service bar, bowling alley, outdoor patio, and cigar room. Even with all the space, it got a bit cramped with all of the lovely Gallagher employees in attendance!

gallagher home health party

Food was served at several food stations throughout the party, encouraging people to mingle. On the menu was carved meat, finger foods like chicken tenders, mozzarella wedges, and quesadillas, a baked potato and mashed potato bar, a custom pasta station, and ball park foods like hotdogs and pretzels with cheese. Overall, it was quite the feast, and everyone had their fill of goodies!

The full service bar provided party goers with plenty of refreshments throughout the night.

latitude 360 food stationlatitude 360 mashed potato bar


While dinner was being served, the DJ played some videos he had recorded of our employees’ favorite memories from working at Gallagher. Many people laughed at the funny stories and recollections from throughout the years.

As the night went on, awards were handed out to some of our most tenured employees.


Great prizes were given away all night, including bottles of wine, Amazon Fire TV, an iPad, and a brand new TV!

The highlight of the evening came came the balloon stuffing contest. Competing against each other was Team Kuten, Team Dwain, and Team Ben. Kuten, Dwain, and Ben all put on oversized shirts, and the goal was to stuff them as full as possible with balloons. Their teammates frantically helped by blowing up balloons and shoving them into every crevice of the shirt until it was hard to tell who was who. In the end, victory of the heated contest was awarded to Team Kuten.

IMG_5075Overall, the night was a lot of fun! Thank you to everyone who attended and made the night special!

To see our complete collection of photos, check out our photo album on Facebook!


2014 Office Party and Decoration Results

2014 Office Party and Decoration Results

The office staff hosted their own Christmas party on Friday with a variety of delicious holiday foods, games, and fun. Between the Secret Santa exchange and raffle tickets, there was hardly any time to work!

One of the most exciting events of the day was the annual card game. Each employee was assigned a playing card from a standard deck. Then, cards were drawn from the deck. Whenever the card you had been assigned was drawn, you were officially eliminated from winning a prize. Only the lucky three people remaining were rewarded with prizes! Congrats to:

3rd place: Susan Veon

2nd place: Jaycee Adamik

1st place: Lauren Granche

And now… the moment everyone has been waiting for. The results of the heated decoration contest were finally announced on Friday! Votes were collected at the staff party on Wednesday and tabulated. You may have seen some of the intense battling going on between the east office and the Bridgeville office… so now it’s time to see who actually came out on top:

Most Traditional: Donna Kochosky
WinnerMostTraditional gallagher party

Most Original: Home Care
WinnerMostOriginal gallagher party

Most Creative: East Office
WinnerMostCreative gallagher christmas party

Congratulations to everyone for their Christmas spirit! 


2014 Gallagher Christmas Party

2014 Gallagher Christmas Party

The annual Gallagher Christmas party was another astounding success this year! This was the first real party held in our new building, which made it even more of an exciting day. Instead of squeezing everyone into a tiny upstairs room as we had in the past, we were able to have the entire bottom floor conference room which was much more spacious.

The party featured many exciting events, including voting for the best decorated office space! Staff milled through each and every desk, and then voted on who they thought had the “Most Creative,” “Most Traditional,” and “Most Unique” displays. The winner will be announced Friday, December 19, at the office Christmas bash.

ugly sweater contest winnerThere was also an ugly Christmas sweater contest. While there were many hideous entries, there were only four that could come out on top:

  • 3rd place : Angela Levdansky
  • 2nd place: tie for Michael Kuten and Lisa Stiller Maiolie
  • 1st place: Heather Sloss

Congratulations to Heather and her revolting sweater creation!

In between contests, there was food, fun, and opportunities to win prizes. There was also a gift exchange for those who brought a gift under $20 with them. And as always, Santa was in attendance spreading holiday cheer! For more photos from the party, check out the Gallagher Home Health Services Facebook page!


Ron’s Retirement

Ron’s Retirement

It is with heaviness in our hearts that we announce the retirement of one of our most cherished nurses.

Ron Frank, a nurse who covers the Greentree and South Hills areas, has decided to move on from nursing. To celebrate this occasion, a small party was thrown in his honor! Like any Gallagher event, there was cake.


Patients have described Ron as being “so polite and always prompt” and some have felt “very fortunate and blessed to have gotten him for their nurse.”

We will miss you Ron, and wish you luck in your future endeavors!