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Please Help Support Na’Kai Phillips in Puerto Rico

Please Help Support Na’Kai Phillips in Puerto Rico

Five-year-old Na’Kai Phillips was scheduled to have a great birthday. His mom, Shaquayla, had won a free trip to Puerto Rico, and was taking him there to celebrate his special day. Unfortunately, instead of having the time of his life, tragedy struck.

After landing in Puerto Rico, Na’Kai’s health immediately began to decline. He was quickly diagnosed with a brain hemorrhage and underwent immediate brain surgery. Now, Na’Kai is stuck in a Puerto Rican hospital for up to a month while he recovers, as he is too unstable to be moved back to the United States.

Shaquayla is one of our home health aides and is in desperate need of financial assistance to help cover lodging and food costs while she stays with him. Luckily, her mom was able to fly down so she is not alone in this dark hour. However, now both of them are stuck in Puerto Rico without access to money. Please donate to help her so she can be with Na’Kai during his time of need! We have set up a GoFundMe account to collect donations for the family. Any amount would be helpful at this time! Thank you and we very much appreciate your support.

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