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Christmas and New Year’s Updates

Christmas and New Year’s Updates

In all of the chaos of the holidays, we missed posting an update about our holiday party and contest winners! This year was bigger and better than ever, and we are so pleased to have celebrated the festivities with our growing staff.

Decorating Contest

As you may know, we hold a decorating contest each year. Each person/office has the opportunity to decorate their space, and whoever receives the most votes from the field staff wins a fabulous prize. We are pleased to announce that this year’s winner was the East Office for their holiday Minion display!
East Office Christmas decorations

Honorable mentions went to Amy Kuten and Home Care.

Ugly Sweater Contest

We also had an ugly sweater contest to see who could find the most hideous ensemble during our Christmas party. Though there were a lot of contenders, the most ugly sweater belonged to Heather Sloss!

Christmas Party

Our Christmas party, as usual, was a lot of fun! There was a visit from Santa, lots of tasty food, presents to exchange, and a lovely group photo!


We sincerely hope that you had just a joyous and fun-filled Christmas as we did, and we hope that your 2016 will be full of happiness and success!


2014 Office Party and Decoration Results

2014 Office Party and Decoration Results

The office staff hosted their own Christmas party on Friday with a variety of delicious holiday foods, games, and fun. Between the Secret Santa exchange and raffle tickets, there was hardly any time to work!

One of the most exciting events of the day was the annual card game. Each employee was assigned a playing card from a standard deck. Then, cards were drawn from the deck. Whenever the card you had been assigned was drawn, you were officially eliminated from winning a prize. Only the lucky three people remaining were rewarded with prizes! Congrats to:

3rd place: Susan Veon

2nd place: Jaycee Adamik

1st place: Lauren Granche

And now… the moment everyone has been waiting for. The results of the heated decoration contest were finally announced on Friday! Votes were collected at the staff party on Wednesday and tabulated. You may have seen some of the intense battling going on between the east office and the Bridgeville office… so now it’s time to see who actually came out on top:

Most Traditional: Donna Kochosky
WinnerMostTraditional gallagher party

Most Original: Home Care
WinnerMostOriginal gallagher party

Most Creative: East Office
WinnerMostCreative gallagher christmas party

Congratulations to everyone for their Christmas spirit! 


2014 Gallagher Christmas Party

2014 Gallagher Christmas Party

The annual Gallagher Christmas party was another astounding success this year! This was the first real party held in our new building, which made it even more of an exciting day. Instead of squeezing everyone into a tiny upstairs room as we had in the past, we were able to have the entire bottom floor conference room which was much more spacious.

The party featured many exciting events, including voting for the best decorated office space! Staff milled through each and every desk, and then voted on who they thought had the “Most Creative,” “Most Traditional,” and “Most Unique” displays. The winner will be announced Friday, December 19, at the office Christmas bash.

ugly sweater contest winnerThere was also an ugly Christmas sweater contest. While there were many hideous entries, there were only four that could come out on top:

  • 3rd place : Angela Levdansky
  • 2nd place: tie for Michael Kuten and Lisa Stiller Maiolie
  • 1st place: Heather Sloss

Congratulations to Heather and her revolting sweater creation!

In between contests, there was food, fun, and opportunities to win prizes. There was also a gift exchange for those who brought a gift under $20 with them. And as always, Santa was in attendance spreading holiday cheer! For more photos from the party, check out the Gallagher Home Health Services Facebook page!