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Choosing a Home Health Aide

Choosing a Home Health Aide

As your loved one gets weaker and less able to care for themselves, you may find yourself needing a home health aide. Home health aides are trained professionals that assist people in the comfort of their homes. They can help with general tasks such as bathing or dressing, or more specialized tasks such as medication assistance and companionship.

The home health aide profession is currently booming. The US Labor Department predicts that the number of aides will increase by nearly 50%, which equates to one million new jobs, by 2022. Unfortunately, however, this may mean that there are many home health aides entering the profession that are simply not cut out for the work.

“The challenge is finding people,” said Ralph Gronefeld Jr., chief executive of the nationwide home care agency ResCare. “The people that do this work are very special.”

ResCare hires about 2,000 new workers each month, but most of these are to replace workers that have decided to leave the company. This constant fluctuation is a severe problem in the home health industry, and it is detrimental to the patient. It is imperative for a home health aide to form a bond with the person they are caring for, as it creates a feeling of comfort and safety for the patient.

This makes it essential to try and choose an aide that genuinely enjoys caring for people and will not have a change of heart. Here at Gallagher, we screen all of our applicants, and only hire home health aides with certification and experience. We also have nurses that supervise the aides and devise a care plan for each patient. We want you to feel comfortable with our staff and be confident that you have made the right choice by choosing a Gallagher home health aide. Regardless of whether or not you choose Gallagher for your home health services, please do consider the following tips from this video on choosing a home health aide.