Pain Management

1413980_86105267Every patient’s pain levels and tolerance are completely different, which is why our skilled nurses must use their expert knowledge to assess how the patient feels. Many patients suffer chronic pain due to long term diseases or functional limitations, while other patients have acute pain from an injury or illness.

In order to administer the proper treatment and/or medication, our nurses will assess:

  • Location of pain
  • Actions that increase pain
  •  Actions that relieve pain
  • Quality of pain
  • Associated symptoms
  • Mood changes
  • Effect of pain
  • Treatment history

After determining the level of pain and sufficient background information, the nurse will implement a treatment plan and then evaluate its effectiveness. This is done by assessing the pain at regular intervals on a scale from one to ten or using a visual aid. Our goal is to eliminate or reduce your pain to a manageable level.

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