262490_2262Cancer forms when your cells begin to reproduce uncontrollably in places where they are not necessary. It is caused by damage to the genetic code in your cells. The genetic code controls the reproduction rate, lifespan, and death of each cell in your body. When this code gets disturbed, so does the production of cells, which results in a tumor. Normally, your body can detect these damaged cells and destroy them before a tumor is formed, but not always. As these genetically-damaged cells continue to reproduce, they can spread to other areas of the body, causing certain cancers to form.

There are many different kinds of cancer, all with a variety of causes. Usually cancer is named according to the place it started. Many cancers are caused by carcinogens, which are harmful things around you that cause cancer such as cigarette smoke or toxic fumes, or genetics, which means you had a predisposition for developing cancer since you were born.

Treatment for cancer is based entirely on the type of cancer, overall health of the patient, and how far the cancer has spread. A few common types of treatments include:

  • Surgery
  • Radiation
  • Chemotherapy
  • Hormone therapy
  • Biologic therapy
  • Stem cell transplantation

As your home health provider, Gallagher Home Health Services will do its best to help you manage your cancer symptoms and the ill effects of treatment. Patients often thrive in a home setting instead of the dreary sterilized touch of a hospital. As part of your treatment, your home health nurse can help you with:

  • Lab draws
  • Medical supplies or equipment for treatment
  • Medication administration
  • IV therapy
  • Education on the disease process
  • Nutritional planning

A home health aide can provide companionship in addition to helping you with tasks around the house if required, while a therapist can begin the rehabilitation process after a surgery or treatment to help you recover your strength.

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