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National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month

National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental health issues affect more than just Caucasian people. Luckily, National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month was created to help everyone realize the extent of mental health problems. Its purpose is to improve access to mental health treatment and services, especially among minorities.

As a home health services company, we are committed to treating all of our patients equal, regardless of their ethnicity. We have several mental health nurses that can evaluate and help treat an array of mental issues. Unfortunately, statistics show that African Americans and Hispanic Americans used mental health services at about one-half the rate of Caucasian Americans in the past year and Asian Americans at about one-third the rate. That is why we are supporting minority mental health awareness! We just want everyone to have access to the services they need to help feel better.

Below are some more statistics on multicultural mental health, as well as a video interview with several black people who have suffered from a mental disorder. Take the time to review these materials and consider what you can do to help!

To download this infographic as a PDF, simply click here.


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