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National Family Caregiver Month

National Family Caregiver Month

National Family Caregiver Month is a time to recognize and appreciate all that these unpaid and unsung heroes accomplish. A family caregiver sacrifices their time and personal life to help care for a sick, disabled, or frail loved one. Nearly two in five American adults currently act as family caregivers, but that number is on the rise as debilitating conditions like Alzheimer’s are increasing.

It’s important to realize the burden on a caregiver’s shoulders. 23 percent of family caregivers state that their own personal health is fair or poor after caring for loved ones for five years or more. Additionally, stress has been shown to impact a caregiver’s immune system for up to three years after caring for someone with dementia. Caregiving even affects the workplace, costing American businesses as much as $34 billion each year due to employees acting as caregivers.

A family caregiver must constantly be on edge, ready to assist and take care of their family members with a moment’s notice. They deal with medical issues, personal assistance, household chores, doctor’s appointments and even simply providing companionship to prevent depression and sadness. While not all caregivers live in with their loved one, most live within twenty minutes.

These facts are just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more layers to the life of a caregiver. Take our quiz to learn a little more about what it means to be a family caregiver. Then, share it with your friends and family to show your support for National Family Caregiver Month!

National Family Caregiver Month

Caregivers are an important and often unrecognized part of helping elderly adults live a comfortable life. Learn more and spread awareness by taking this quiz.


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