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Eco Update

Eco Update

Unfortunately, during the course of a normal day, we use a lot of paper. We have to print referrals, doctors orders, plan of cares, and many more documents related to patient information. Even with our move to electronic charting and our efforts to reduce paper waste, we still produce a large amount of paper waste.

Luckily, we have taken strides to minimize our eco footprint by using a company called Shred-it to manage our paper shredding. Because many of our papers contain sensitive patient information, we can’t dispose of them in a normal recycle bin. We place secured Shred-it bins throughout the office where we drop our discarded papers, and Shred-it comes to collect it every few weeks. These papers are then shredded and recycled for reuse in other products.

We are proud to say that so far in 2015, we have saved 91 trees thanks to our efforts! While it may be minuscule compared to the big picture, efforts to change the world have to start small. We’re excited to be doing our part to keep our environment preserved for the next generation.

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