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7 Recipes to Stave Off Alzheimer’s

7 Recipes to Stave Off Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s disease is a terrible disorder from which many of our patients suffer. It causes memory loss, slow thinking, disorientation, and mood and behavior changes. While scientists don’t know exactly what causes it and don’t have a way to cure it, there are ways you can help protect yourself. Living a healthy life with a focus on brain health may be a way to stop the disease from progressing and improve your quality of life.

Living a healthy life doesn’t have to be hard, though. Simply changing the way you eat can have a huge influence on your life. All of these recipes are specifically designed with brain health in mind. Who knew being healthy could be so… tasty!


1. Black Bean and Tomato Quinoa

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Black beans and quinoa are renowned for having wonderful health benefits. The beans contain vitamins that improve brain function. Additionally, the meal contains anthocyanins, which protect the brain, reduce blood pressure, and even lower your risk of getting diabetes! Sounds like it’s time to start snacking!


2. Hot Wild Salmon

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Everyone knows about the jaw-dropping power of omega-3 fatty acids. If you don’t know, this polyunsaturated fat that is found in salmon is essential for increased memory in adults and decreased onset of mental decline in the elderly. Pair that with the delicious flavor of this ginger-infused salmon dish, and you should have absolutely no complaints.


3. Crab-Stuffed Artichokes

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Not to get on the fish train, but… it really is good for you. And don’t forget about the restorative properties of the artichoke. Dark leafy green vegetables have tons of iron, which is essential for activities like learning, memory, and attention. This would be a perfect appetizer for a summer party since it looks absolutely stunning when it is finished.


4. Roasted Beet Crostini

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Beets are one of those things that you’re either a fan of or you hate. If you happen to like them, then this appetizer will make your tongue die from happiness. The beets are roasted for additional flavor and then pureed with goat cheese for a creamy and delectable paste that is easily spread on your choice of baguette.


5. Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Sesame Glaze

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Potatoes have a bad reputation, usually because they are served fried (which means they are covered in fat) or boiled (which drains out all of the vitamins). Roasting potatoes, however, allows them to keep their high dose of nutrients! When paired with the sweet sesame honey glaze, your mouth will feel like it has gone to heaven and your brain will be thanking you for it.


6. Breakfast Fried Rice with Scrambled Eggs

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Eggs are a power food packed with protein, which is good for keeping your brain in working order. It’s also filled with a plethora of veggies that all combine to pack a powerful punch of nutrients to your body. This scrambled egg combo makes a much better breakfast than sugary cereals or a carb-loaded bagel.


7. Ahi Tuna on Rye with Spinach Pesto Yogurt

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Nothing’s better than a good sandwich. This delectable dish makes a perfect lunchtime substitute for fast food. It combines tuna, spinach pesto yogurt, raisins, pistachios, and lemon juice into one brain-healthy recipe. These ingredients are packed with the nutrients that help keep your memory sound and your cognition clear.



Eat Your Way Healthy: 6 Recipes to Prevent Stroke

Eat Your Way Healthy: 6 Recipes to Prevent Stroke

May is National Stroke Awareness Month, so it’s time to start thinking about your health. Strokes can strike at any time, with no prior notice, as was the case with Pittsburgh Penguins player Kris Letang. However, around 80 percent of strokes are preventable, meaning that there are definitely steps you can take to lower your risk.

Following a healthy diet is one of the most helpful prevention tools! Try out of these recipes for your next meal and continue to implement healthy diet changes into your lifestyle to experience the benefits.


1. Grilled Caribbean Spiced Chicken with Fragrant Bean Salad

stroke recipes
Eating healthy doesn’t mean everything has to be bland! This delicious chicken dish features a spicy combination of black pepper, paprika, and cloves. It has just enough flavor kick to satiate your palate, while the chickpea, kidney bean, and black-eyed bean salad mellows things out.


2. Potato and Egg Scramble

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This is breakfast done the right way. Instead of using eggs, this recipe calls for egg substitute, which is much lower in cholesterol. The added onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, and cilantro give the eggs flavor and provide you with essential vitamins and minerals.


3. Potato Pancakes

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This traditional German-style entree is both scrumptious and healthy! Just because it’s called a pancake doesn’t mean it’s for breakfast. You can eat potato pancakes for any meal as a main dish, appetizer, or side. Pair with fresh applesauce or low-fat sour cream for some added taste.


4. Thai Pork Stir Fry

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One of the worst parts about eating healthy is craving bad food. Luckily, this recipes turns an indulgence food into a healthy alternative. With a hint of brown sugar and a base of reduced-sodium soy sauce, you’ll hardly be able to tell the difference! Peppers add some spice, while green curry paste adds the flavor you love.


5. Salmon with Tomato-Basil Salsa

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Salmon is packed with omega-3 fatty acids, which is great for heart and brain health! It’s also delicious, which makes it easy to eat. The delectable tomato salsa pairs nicely with the fish, and has enough vegetables in it to give you a balanced meal.


6. Lentil Burrito

Lentil Burrito
Not a fan of meat? No worries, because this lentil-based recipe is vegetarian-friendly! Next time you are craving Mexican, this healthy alternative will satiate your pallet. The spice of the chili powder, ground cumin, and green pepper is offset nicely by the soft flavor of the red lentils.



3 Quick and Tasty Diabetes-Approved Recipes

If you’re a diabetic, you already know you should avoid sugar and carbohydrates. With that in mind, it is sometimes hard to plan and prepare your own meals. Eating healthy is a huge challenge that you can never give up on for a single moment – especially when you’re craving a snack. Here are some great quick bites that are delicious and diabetes-approved.

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1. Tofu Spring Rolls

Get that nice Asian flavor with just a few minutes of cooking. These spring rolls are loaded with tofu so you get the protein you require. You can also substitute lettuce instead of the rice paper in case you are searching for a low carbohydrate dish.

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2. Cucumber and Turkey Tea Sandwiches

When you’re craving a sandwich, this is the one to make. The vegetable cream cheese gives it that smoothness you crave, while the crunchy cucumbers contrast nicely with the reduced-sodium turkey deli meat. Try toasting it if you like a warm sandwich!

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3. Homemade Chicken Fingers

Who doesn’t love the crunchy and salty goodness of chicken fingers? These chunks of meat are coated in cornmeal, which is healthier than just normal breadcrumbs. Actually, it’s considered a whole-grain, and creates a nice crispy coating. Add them to a salad or enjoy separately – whatever you’d like!


Heart Healthy Recipes, Part 2

As American Heart Month draws to a close, it is important to keep going with the changes you made in your life. One way to do that is to keep on eating healthy! We provided you with a few “red” recipes for Valentine’s Day, but here are some more heart healthy recipes to keep you going the rest of the year!


Heart Healthy RecipesChicken Saute with Mango Sauce

This yummy chicken has a bit of spicy and sweet going on. The combination of jalapeno peppers, garlic, brown sugar, and mango may sound a bit daunting, but your taste buds will be anything but disappointed.

Seared Scallops with Crispy Leeks

Leeks are a power food that will help more than just your heart. And thinking of lightly seared scallops fresh from the sea sounds so mouth-watering already, doesn’t it?

Chicken and White Bean Salad

Salads get boring after a while, but only if you let them. This salad will invigorate your taste for greens and act as a nice change of pace from the standard lettuce dish.

Pizza Roll-Up

Pizza is… healthy? It is with this recipe! By using a whole-wheat flour tortilla and part-skim mozzarella, you cut down on calories and fat.

Heart Healthy RecipesPork Chop Suey

Asian food is one of those things that you know are bad for you, but you simply can’t resist. Luckily, here is a healthy alternative that will taste just as good!

Braised Beef Steaks with Zesty Sauce

This meal helps you tackle your craving for steak without going overboard. By cutting out the fat and using almonds and cranberry sauce, you’ll have a tasty alternative to a traditional steak.


Check out the American Heart Association for additional heart healthy recipes, or try concocting a meal of your own by reading labels and making healthy decisions!


9 Heart Healthy Red Foods for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. If you’re currently on a heart healthy diet, a holiday usually filled with chocolates and candies may not excite you. Luckily, there are ways to celebrate without giving in to your cravings and putting your health at risk!

Try one of these “red” recipes to celebrate the day. Each one is festively vibrant while also good for your heart.


Red Strawberries Heart Health

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Red Berry Squares

Make strawberry-flavored gelatin mixed with fresh strawberries and
raspberries. Cut into squares before serving.

Frozen Watermelon Bites

Alternate frozen cubes of watermelon and mint leaves on a skewer and
serve cold.

Ravin’ Red Smoothie

Blend 1 cup low-fat yogurt, ½ cup frozen strawberries, ½ cup frozen
raspberries and 1 frozen banana.

Heart Healthy Pasta

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Red Pasta

Cook whole-wheat spaghetti and top with low-sodium marinara sauce,
diced tomatoes and sun-dried tomatoes.

Baked Red Apple Dessert

Fill 1 whole red apple (cored) with ¼ cup chopped almonds, ¼ cup
dried cranberries, 1 tsp. honey and 1 tsp. brown sugar. Bake for 15
minutes at 350° or until sugar bubbles.

Perfect Polenta

Cook polenta and mix with roasted cherry tomatoes, roasted red bell
pepper and sun-dried tomato.

Stuffed Red Peppers

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Stuffed Red Bell Peppers

Stuff 1 red bell pepper (cored) with ½ cup cooked brown rice, ¼ diced
red onion, ¼ cup ground turkey (browned), 1 tbsp. parsley, salt and
pepper. Bake at 350° for 15 minutes or until pepper is heated through.

Red Bean Salsa

Combine 2 cups red beans, ½ cup diced red onions, 1 cup diced red
tomato, ¼ cup diced jalapeño (remove seeds), ¼ cup chopped parsley,
2 tbsp. lemon juice, salt and pepper.

Roasted Red Cabbage Salad

In a large bowl, combine 2 cups chopped red cabbage (roasted), ½ cup
red onion (thinly sliced


Check out this handy PDF from the American Heart Association for a printable version of these recipes.